Life Trading

Success built on people and culture.

Life Trading

Success built on people and culture.

Our Mission

To achieve and share trading success by harnessing technology and embracing our values.

Our Vision

To build a resilient and diversified portfolio of high-performing trading strategies.

Our Values

Our values shape our work and identity. They drive all aspects of our operations, emphasising fair, trustworthy, and respectful treatment for all.

Always sticking to our values means they run deep in our company culture, ensuring we attract and retain like-minded people. When a workplace reflects an employee’s values they feel understood, appreciated, and respected.

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Be passionate about everything you do. Enjoy your time at work. Maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Do what you say, and say what you mean. Work as a team, communicate and collaborate. Expect excellence from others.


Act like a business owner. If you see a problem, do something about it. Be thorough, details matter.

‘Life Trading was founded in 2016. Our goal was to build a more ethical, transparent and values-driven trading company, something we felt was lacking in the industry.

‘Our business model is grounded first and foremost in our values. We know how we want to be treated and how we want to treat others. That is fairly, with trust, and with respect.

We put our values at the core of everything we do, and not just as a gimmick on our website. They are meaningful, they apply to everyone, and we stick to them. Our employees say this is what really sets us apart.

The reason we are passionate about building this business is not only because of the money we can make, but because doing it the right way, the fair way, is the best way to build long-term success.’

James Coventry, CEO

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